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7. Ionut Scarlat   (09.02.2011 23:43) E-mail
Hi Vladimir

I love what you are excited! congratulate you and wish you health! Much friendship and respect, Ionut.

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6. Martin Bezzina Wettinger   (26.01.2011 16:33) E-mail
Your works are great. Keep it up.

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5. Cheryl   (18.10.2010 23:35) E-mail
Vladimir ,
Your work is beyond exquisite ,if you can get past exquisite. To lay my eyes upon the beauty of your work is like a dream . All the detail and fine carvings are simply beyond words. The Cameos carved out of Mammmoth are so beautiful .
The carvings from the USA to Russia are completely different . You will not see in the carvings here ,the detail you put in yours . Suberbly done , Vladimir !!!!
I will be a fan of yours for years to come .

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4. Janusz Obst   (02.07.2010 07:14) E-mail


It is so much pleasure to see someone else working with relief.

Please take a look at my most recent work at :

All the best,

Janusz Obst.

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3. Robbin Wenzoski   (28.03.2010 12:54) E-mail
Hi Vladimir, My compliments on your amazing sculpture! What types of wood do you use to achieve such details?
Thanks, Robbin

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2. Ingo Jarosch   (06.01.2010 18:31)
Thanks for your visit at my homepage, so I am back on your side!
I am really amazed about your work and I wish you all the best in 2010!

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1. Oliver Community Arts Council   (05.01.2010 21:52) E-mail
You dropped by our arts site, so we're returning the visit. What wonderful, beautiful carvings! Best wishes for 2010 from Oliver, British Columbia Canada!


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