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About the author


  Carver Vladimir Rusinov 
Short Biography

    Was born in February, 20, 1960 in the Donetsk region (UKRAINE). 


   Was attending secondary school №1 in Komsomolskij,

   Zmiev district of the Kharkov region. 

   1979-1981: Urgent  military service in rows USSR Army.
   Education: Moscow  correspondence course of  Folk University of Arts  
   Major: Graphic arts and painting.
   Speciality: secondary school teacher.

I have a wonderful family: wife, son and daughter. My grandsons Michael and Ostap. I live and work in village Liman , Zmiev district, Kharkov regions. Ukraine.


Exhibitions and Participation:

   ----     2016 year. 10, February. Winner of International Contest "BEST WORK of 2015" and "MASTER of the YEAR" in Nomination "Sculpture". International Association Designers VATIKAM.(Paris.France).  http://vatikam.com/ru/news/80

   ----   2015 year, 1 September. First Place Winner in SCULPTURE nomination . Results of the contest “Soul of the Tree” from International Association of designers VATIKAM.   http://vatikam.com/soul-of-the-Tree-winners ;

    ---   2015 year, 14 April.  Publications and my Show in Magazine " WoodCARVING". (master-class). USA ;

    ---  2013 year, December 20. Publications and Show my works in Magazine-ART of " MUZA - UA " -  http://www.muzaua.info/index.php/book/11-svezhij-nomer/1-default-category ( Ukraine. Kiev city ) ;
    ---  2012 year, October. First Place Winner. International competition "CONSCIOUS  CREATION  2012".  Sponsored by Vivid Arts Network and Arttour    International Magazine:  www.arttourinternational.com  New York, USA.

    ---  2012 year, January 4. Publications and Show my works in Magazine of "FASHION" ( Ukraine. Kiev city ) ;

    ---  2011 year, April 5. Winner of Competition: "Audience Likings" with work: " Escape of Queen from the lock of Blua ". Site: http://arts.in.ua/news/861/ ;

    ---  2011 year, January 5. Publications and Show my works in Magazine of "Woodcarving" ( USA.New York city ) ;

    ---  2010 year, October 28. Publications and Show my works in Magazine of "BUSSINESSCLASSS" ( Ukraine ) ; 

    --- 2010 year, July 23 - August 13. Exhibition in "AGORA" Gallery. 530 W. 25th St, Chelsea, New York. USA.  http://www.Agora-Gallery.com ;


    ---  2010 year, May 23. Publications and Show my works in Magazine of "ARTisSpectrum" ( USA.New York city  ) ; 

    ---  2009 year. Participation in Exhibition of Royal Society of Miniatures (London). Royal  Society have purchased  next work : "Greek warrior " ;

    ---  2008 year. The  winner of 2-th International  Online - Competition of carving. Theme of competition : "Look on Life ".

 1th PLACE in a nomination : "Trade in execution" ;

    ---  2007 year. Execution of exhibition order for Italian Co., that organize Auctions and shows  

      of  Antique furniture in Europe ;

    ---  2007 year. Joint shows in projects of carving on Internet - site of carvers of America (north-west. Washington): http://www.woodcarvers.org/woodcarverpage1.htm   /  with work : "Birth of Queen" ;

    ---  2006 year.  The Name of Author was entered on the Gold pages of Modern Encyclopedia of Ukraine, in the list of gifted people  in  Science, Culture  and Arts ;

    ---  2006 year. Was invited and successfully participated in execution of palace carving for the VIP- client. Making of the compositions from wood in interiors  jointly with architecturally - designer group  of  experts;
    ---  2006 year.  Participation in the joint  shows of the carved wares on the site of American masters in carving(carving from under revolved saw) http://www.chainsawsculptors.com/artscrafts/vladimir_rusiniv/index.html  ;

    ---   2005 year. First invitation for Shows of all  projects in Association of carvers of America : http://www.woodcarvers.org/woodcarverpage1.htm  ;

    ---   2004 year. Invitation to Lyon (France)  for creation of the personal exhibition in private commercial Co. ;
    ---   2002 year. International Jeweller Exhibition " Kiev of ЕXPO-2002". Ukraine. Work : " Sainted Paul and Sainted Peter ".
          First prize.
    ---   2001 year.  Participation in the all Ukrainian Exhibition. Palace of " Ukraine ".  Carving. ;

    ---   2000 year. All Ukrainian exhibition. The Ukrainian house  is Kiev : "Slobozhanschina " .
             Carving. ;
    ---   1998 year. Ukrainian House  is Kiev ;

    ---    Annual shows of the works  in Kharkov Artistic Museum  ( Union of Folk Art );

    ---    Regular participation in Shows  of ART-SHOW  on the Internet - sites of Ukraine, Russia and distant foreignness  ;

    ---    I am engaged in making of the  fire-places portals, Societies refined elements in baroque, ROCOCO, MODERN.


            Some works are in Private collections of the known VIP-persons of Ukraine, individual wares are in private collections of England, USA, Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel.


                                                                Mob.tel.: (099) 7728 770
                                                           Home tel.: 01038 (05747) 71267

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