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How to buy?

To order the carved good from wood or bone you must appeal to me on this e-mail: artrusinov@gmail.com. Please specify the place of your residence,description of your order in details,contact information.Then I will indicate the total cost of the order and terms of its making.Before the beginning the work it is necessary to pay 50% from total cost of order for life and activity of master.On carrying out some of works it takes from 3 to 6th month.Upon termination of work are other 50%.If customer wishes to buy a prepared work that already presents than the shipping by FEDEX ( http://www.fedex.org.ua/offices_fedex.html ) will be added to the total cost of the order. A buyer sends the total cost of the order plus H&S.Then FEDEX deliver the order to you. By such method there are all payments in online shopping and Auctions. Can you offer your LOGICAL way?I am ready to hear you out.The best way is when I send directly to you.Before sending by FEDEX I have to get the permit for th
e export of artistic works outside Ukraine.t does Ministry of Culture in Kiev or Kharkov Art Museum in town Kharkov domiciliary. It is required by CUSTOM-HOUSE service.

The work cost:
It defines by such categories: by complication of composition; by hardness of the chosen material; by the sizes of future good and terms of making. Therefore every new order is attentively counted on all these parameters. And only at presence of sketch, picture, photo and other details - Cost of work is done. Sketches are estimated separately from a screw-thread. All works are original and did not repeat oneself, but repetition is possible at will of buyer.

Master Vladimir Rusinov
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